MATTHEW VOORHEES – Net Worth $ 200 Million – Owner of the Yacht Broadwater

Name:Matthew Voorhees
Net Worth:$ 200 million
Source of Wealth:Anybill
Spouse:Christopher Dorobek
Residence:Annapolis Maryland / Fort Lauderdale, Fl
Private Jet:Pls, send a message if you have info.

Who is Matthew Voorhees?

is the co-founder of Anybill. He was born in the 1970s. He is married to Christopher Dorobek.


Voorhees co-founded Anybill in 2001, together with Pat Roche. Anybill provides online accounts payable software, automation, and outsourcing services.

The company first focused on clients in the Washington DC area. But now has more than 1,700 clients around the world. Voorhees is CEO of Anybill.

Matthew Voorhees Net Worth

We estimate his net worth at more than US$ 200 million.


He is an active philanthropist. He has been donating to the American Heart Association, Food, and Friends, and the Whitman Walker Clinic.


Yacht Broadwater Owner

Matthew Voorhees

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Matthew Voorhees House

Matthew Voorhees Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Broadwater. He also owns the yachts BW and BW