CYRIL MINOVALOV • Net Worth $600 million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Avangard Bank

Name:Cyril Minovalov
Net Worth:$600 million
Source of Wealth:Avangard Bank
Born:April 22, 1971
Wife:Mrs Minovalov
Private Jet:(N500AN) Gulfstream G500, (D-BLDI) Cessna 750 Citation X
Yacht:Avangard II

The name Cyril Minovalov carries a significant weight in the realm of Russian business and yachting industry. This visionary entrepreneur, born in Moscow in 1971, is now an influential figure in both the finance and maritime world.

Key Takeaways

  • Cyril Minovalov, born in 1971 in Moscow, is the CEO of the Russian Avangard Bank and a highly influential figure in the country’s business sector.
  • His entrepreneurial journey started with the foundation of Alcor, a consulting firm, and later, the establishment of Avangard Bank in 1994.
  • Avangard Bank, under Minovalov’s leadership, operates 300 offices across 50 Russian regions and employs around 3,500 staff.
  • Minovalov’s other business interests include investments in Omsk Glassworks, ownership of Avangard Malz, the largest malting company in Germany, and leading roles in JSC “Avangard-Agro” and “Insurance Group Avangard-Garant”.

Background and Early Career

Minovalov’s journey to success began with his education at the Moscow Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (MIIT), where he specialized in Systems Engineering. This equipped him with a strong foundation to navigate the complex world of business.

His entrepreneurial spirit was evident early on when, from 1991 to 1994, he took the helm of Alcor, a consulting firm he founded. However, his pivotal career move came in 1994 when he established Avangard Bank, serving as its President and Chairman ever since.

Diving into Avangard Bank

Avangard Bank, under Minovalov’s leadership, has flourished extensively. With 300 offices spanning across 50 Russian regions and employing 3,500 personnel, the bank has established a solid reputation in the Russian finance industry.

Besides banking, Minovalov also demonstrates a keen interest in various other business sectors. He has significant investments in the Omsk Glassworks and owns Avangard Malz, the largest malting company in Germany.

Exploring Avangard Agro

Minovalov’s diverse business portfolio also includes the ownership of JSC “Avangard-Agro”, one of Russia’s largest agricultural producers, cultivating a variety of grain and industrial crops. Moreover, he leads JSC “Insurance Group Avangard-Garant”, providing a range of insurance services to both retail and corporate customers.

Net Worth of Cyril Minovalov

Reflective of his varied business interests and astute entrepreneurial capabilities, Minovalov boasts an estimated net worth of $600 million. His fortune is testament to his business acumen, strategic investments, and industrious spirit.

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Yacht Avangard II Owner

Cyril Minovalov

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Cyril Minovalov House

Cyril Minovalov Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Avangard II. It was built at Avangard Yachts, which is owned by Minovalov.

The AVANGARD II Yacht was expertly constructed by Avangard Yachts in 2008, featuring a design conceptualized by Mulder Design.

The motor yacht is powered by Caterpillar diesel engines, providing a max speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 11 knots. She can traverse over 3000 nautical miles without the need for refuelling.

She has the capacity to accommodate 12 guests along with a professional crew of 10, offering a lavish and memorable seafaring experience.