h [FARKHAD AKHMEDOV]: See his Crazy US$ 300,000,000 LUNA Yacht
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All You Need to Know About Farkhad Akhmedov, his Net Worth, His House, Private Jet and Luna Yacht

Yacht Specifications

Yacht Name:


Yacht Length:

115 m (377 ft)


18 in 9 cabins


50 in 25 cabins


Lloyd Werft






22.5 knots


MTU 16V4000


5,655 ton




US$ 300 million

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Who is the Owner of the Yacht Luna?


Farkhad Akhmedov


Russia / Azerbijan

Net Worth:

US$  1.4 billion




September 15, 1955


Tatyana Akhmedova (ex-wife)


2 (Temur Akhmedov, Other)


Baku, Azerbijan

Private Jet:

Bombardier Global 6000 (M-YFTA)

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The expedition yacht was built for Roman Abramovich. He sold her for EUR 240 million to Farkhad Temurovich Akhmedov.

Who is Farkhad Akhmedov?Farkhad Akhmedov

He was born in Azerbaijan. But moved to Russia at the age of 15. He started his career by selling equipment to the Russian gas industry. He was born in September 1955. He is divorced from Tatyana Akhmedova. He has two or three children.


Later he focused on the production of natural gas. He started buying shares in Northgas. A Siberian gas producer with some of the largest gas reserves in the world. Around the year 2000 Akhmedov had full control over Northgas.

After a dispute with Northgas’ sole client Gazprom. Akhmedov transferred 51% of Northgas shares to Gazprom. In 2011 Akhmedov sold his remaining shares in Northgas. To the Russian company  Novatek for US$ 1.38 billion.

Aznar Natural Products

Akhmedov is the owner of Aznar Natural Product. Where his father Teymur Akhmedov was a director during the Soviet era. Aznar produces pomegranate juice in Azerbaija. Which is sold in Russia through Grante Russia. Grante Russia is also owned by Akhmedov. He is the first ethnic Azerbaijani who was elected a Russian senator.

Philanthropy and Art Collection

Akhmedov is an active philanthropist. Donating more than US$ 150 million to children’s charities such as orphanages. And donating to wild life projects.

He is also an art collector. Especially focusing on Azerbaijani art. Akhmedov founded the Nar Gallery dedicated to Azerbaijani art.

He is said to own about 150 works of Socialist Realism. He is also sponsor of the Buta Festival of Azerbaijani Arts. Which is held in London each year. In 2015 Akhmedov purchased a US$ 46.5 million Abstract Expressionist painting by Mark Rothko.

Farkhad Akhmedov Net Worth

Forbes estimates his net worth at US$ 1,4 billion. He has been described as a Russian oligarch.

Farkhad Temurovich Akhmedov House

Akhmedov owns many houses around the world. A mansion in the UK, a large villa on the Cote d’Azur and another mansion in Florida.

Private Jet

Akhmedov is the owner of a Bombardier Global 6000 private jet. The jet has registration M-YFTA (FTA = Farkhad Temurovich Akhmedov). A Global 6000 has a list price starting at US$ 60 million. We were informed he paid US$ 52.6 million for the jet.

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Luna Yacht

The motor yacht Luna is known as the world’s largest expedition yacht. She was built by Lloyd Werft. She was delivered to Roman Abramovich in 2010. Her exterior is designed by Newcruise. While Donald Starkey is responsible for her interior.

Yacht Interior

Luna has length of 115 meter (377 ft). She can accommodate 18 guests in 9 staterooms. Which are serviced by a crew of 49. She has a large swimming pool on the main deck. She is one of the largest explorer yachts.

Her diesel electric generators give her a top speed of 22 knots. Thanks to her 1 million liter fuel tank she has a range of 9,500 nm.

Almost no interior information has been release. But you can find some rare photos hereunder.

Sold for EUR 240 million

In 2014 she was sold by Russian billionaire Abramovich to his friend Akhmedov. He is an Azerbaijani born billionaire. Sales price was EUR 240 million (US$ 300 million).

In January 2015 Luna was spotted in Bremerhaven. She stayed at German Dry Docks for a year long and multi million refit.

US$ 50 Million Refit

Works included fairing of the hull. Which was not done when Abramovich purchased her. And a new paint job. Also Luna was lengthened with 2 meter to improve the balance of the yacht.

The spa area and beach club was redone. Adding larger windows for more light and comfort. The engines were overhauled. Improving power and efficiency. And finally all tenders were replaced.

In February 2016 Luna left Bremerhaven. With first destination Norway. In the winter of 2017/2018 Luna was sent to Dubai for additional works.

In July 2019 she is undergoing a 10 years survey maintenance.

Transfer of ownership

In the summer of 2018 a Dubai court confirmed an earlier London court order. That the ownership of Luna should be transferred to Akhmedov’s ex wife Tatiana. As part of a (disputed) divorce settlement. More here. DIFC courts have maintained a freezing order issued for the US$500 million luxury yacht.

In March 2019 a Dubai appeals court released the yacht from its seizure. The court decided that the UK court order was unenforceable in Dubai and the seizure of the superyacht should be canceled

Is She Available for Yacht Charter?

The boat is not available for yacht charter. And the yacht is not listed for sale.

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yacht Luna

Photo source: Wikipedia

Yacht LunaM-YFTA Akhmedov jet

Akhmedov’s US$ 55 million private jet. A Bombardier Global 6000 with registration M-YFTA.

expedition yacht Luna

Luna is the world’s largest expedition yacht. She was built for Roman Abramovich.

Farkhad Akhmedov yacht

The yacht was purchased in 2014 for US$ 240,000,000 by Akhmedov.

interior yacht Luna

Rare interior photo of Luna’s interior.

Roman Abramovich yacht

She was built for Roman Abramovich. Who had her delivered in 2010.

Lloyds Werft project

Luna was built by Lloyds Werft. Lloyds is mostly known for ship and off-shore repairs

Previous yacht:


Next yacht:


Follow the location of the yacht live

Luna yacht interior

More interior of Luna

Farkhad Akhmedov House

Farkhad Temurovich Akhmedov Private Jet

M-YFTA Bombardier Global 6000 - Akhmedov

Akhmedov House

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Inside the Luna Yacht , Rare Interior Photos.

Akhmedov’s owns this house in the South of France. Although he more or less permanently resides in Dubai now.


Photo by Jan Czonstke.

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