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All You Need to Know About Vladimir Putin, his Net Worth, His House, Private Jet and Graceful Yacht

Yacht Specifications

Yacht Name:


Yacht Length:

82 m (269 ft)


12 in 6 cabins


14 in 7 cabins


Blohm and Voss


H2 Yacht Design




18 knots


MTU 16V4000


2,685 ton


H2 Yacht Design


US$ 100 million

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Who is the Owner of the Yacht Graceful?


Vladimir Putin



Net Worth:



Russian President


October 7, 1952


Lyudmila Putina


Yekaterina Putina, Mariya Putina


Moscow, Russia,

Private Jet:

Dassault Falcon 7X (RA-09009)

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The Graceful yacht has one of the largest indoor pools ever installed on a yacht.

Who is Vladimir Putin?Vladimir Putin

He is the President of Russia. He was born in October 1952. He was married to Lyudmila Putina (they divorced in 2014). He has 2 children (Yekaterina and Mariya).

SuperYachtFan became aware of some rumors that Graceful was built for Russian President Vladimir Putin. SuperYachtFan is not sure if these rumors are true, there is only circumstantial evidence to support these rumors.

Evidence to Support that Putin owns the Yacht

1) The yacht was constructed at the Sevmash Shipyard, which normally only works for the Russian Navy (a billionaire who wants to have a new toy, will not have access to a site where the navy is building nuclear submarines),

Sochi Residence

2) after her delivery Graceful spent a lot of time at Sochi in Russia. She left Sochi in December 2014. (Sochi, home to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games and Formula One races, is considered to be Putin’s private prestige project.

It is not a destination where you will normally leave your yacht for the cold November and December months. Putin is rumored to have a residence named ‘Bocharov Ruchey’ in Sochi).  

Russian Crew

3) Graceful has a Russian native captain, with a Russian navy background. So the above is not hard evidence, the yacht could also be built for a Russian billionaire with close ties to the Putin government.

But until someone sends us a message with new information, we will list Putin as the owner of the yacht Graceful.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (born 1952) started his career as an officer in the KGB. His last position was Lieutenant Colonel. In 1991 he entered politics, first in Saint Petersburg and later in Moscow.

In 1996 he came a member of President Boris Yeltsin's staff. When Yeltsin resigned in 1999, Putin became Acting President.

Putin has been ‘the leader of Russia’ since then: from 1999 to 2000 he was Prime Minister, from 2000 until 2008 he was President, from 2008 until 2012 he was Prime Minister and since 2012 he is President again.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth

According to official sources Putin has a net worth or around US$150,000. Some journalists and opposition politicians claim that Putin is actually the richest person in Europe, with a net worth of more than USD 40 billion.   

Putin House

Putin is said to have many houses and palaces around the world. There are rumors that he owns large house in Marbella, Spain.

Private Jet

He uses an Ilyushin Il-96-300 aircraft as private jet. The plane with registration RA-96016 was built in 2003 and is registered to the Russian State Transport Company. Putin also uses a Dassault Falcon 7X with registration RA-09009 .

Putin Family

He has two daughters: Yekaterina (1986) and Mariya (1985). Photos of Yekaterina and Mariya have never been published by Russia's media and no family portraits have ever been released.

Message to Other Media

Please mention and link to this page, when using this information. Thanks!


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Graceful Yacht

The motor yacht was constructed at the Russian Sevmash shipyard near Arkhangelsk. She is powered by 2 MTU engines. Which bring her a top speed of 18 knots. Her cruise speed is 14 knots. She has a range of more than 4,000 nm.

The yacht can accommodate 12 guests and has a crew of 14.


Sevmash is the largest ship-building complex in Russia, known for building nuclear submarines for the Russian Navy.

When the completed hull was towed to Germany for finishing in 2010, an accident occurred.

Ran Ashore and Damaged

During a heavy storm she tore away from the tug and ran ashore in Vesterålen, Northern Norway. The hull was damaged and needed repairs.

The yacht was finished at Blohm and Voss in Germany and delivered to her Russian owner in 2014.

Yacht Interior

She is designed by H2 Yacht Design. Special features included a 15 meters long indoor pool, which can be converted in to a dance floor.

Sister ship of Baltika

She is a sister ship of the yacht Baltika, now named Victoria. Baltika was also constructed by Sevmash (project name: Agat) and was transported to Italy early 2014 to be completed. All photo’s on this page by Ship-Dreams.

Is She Available for Yacht Charter?

The boat is not available for yacht charter. And the yacht is not listed for sale.

Our yacht owners database has more info about yachts, the value of yachts, yacht owners, their source of wealth and net worth.

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yacht Graceful, built for Russian President Vladimir Putin
The yacht has an helicopter landing platformthe yacht was finished in GermanySuperyacht GracefulRussian President Vladimir Putin's yacht

Superyacht Graceful is designed by H2 Yacht Design.

Graceful has a ‘touch and go’ heli platform.

Photo of the yacht in Germany, made by Ship-Dreams.

The yacht is rumored to be built for Russian President Putin.

yacht GracefulBlohm and Voss built yacht Graceful

The yacht was constructed by the Russian Sevmash yard, and finished by Blohm and Voss.

She is a sister ship to Baltika, also built for a Russian owner.

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Previous yacht:

Golden Odysses

Follow the location of the yacht live

Graceful Pool

Putin House.

Putin PalaceVladimir Putin MarbellaPutin Marbella summer palace

Putin Private Jet

Putin private jet RA 96016Vladimir Putin jet RA-09009

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Inside the Yacht

yacht graceful interior

Graceful has an amazing interior by H2 Yacht Design.

inside yacht Gracefugraceful interior h2

The central lobby with elevator.

The owners study designed by H2 Yacht Design.

inside vladimir putin yacht

One of his palaces in Russia.

A summer residence in Marbella.