DENNIS MEHIEL • Net Worth $500 million • House • Yacht • Jet privé • US Corrugated

Nom:Denis Mehiel
Valeur nette :$ 500 millions
Source de richesse:US Corrugated / Sweetheart Cup
Né:March 1942
Épouse:Karen Mehiel
Résidence:New York City, NY, USA
Jet privé:Veuillez envoyer un message si vous avez des informations.
YachtHélios 2

Meet Dennis Mehiel: The Business Magnate and Philanthropist

Denis Mehiel, a celebrated business figure and philanthropist, serves as the Chairman and Shareholder of US Corrugated. Born in March 1942, Mehiel has built a prominent legacy in the business world. Apart from his business ventures, he is a dedicated family man, married to Karen Mehiel, and a father to seven children. Mehiel’s remarkable business journey includes his previous ownership of the superyacht Helios 2, which he sold in 2017.

Points clés à retenir:

  • Denis Mehiel is a renowned business figure, serving as the Chairman and Shareholder of US Corrugated.
  • Il a fondé Box USA, a leading company in the corrugated packaging industry, which was sold in 2004 for $204 million.
  • Mehiel held a significant stake in Sweetheart Cup, a manufacturer and supplier of single-use foodservice products, which was sold for $698 million.
  • Avec un valeur nette of over USD 500 million, Mehiel stands among the elite business tycoons.
  • Mehiel is a dedicated philanthrope, supporting numerous social causes and organizations.

The Story of US Corrugated

US Corrugated has earned its reputation as a prominent producer of corrugated packaging products, with Mehiel’s strategic leadership at the helm. The company stands as one of the largest independent manufacturers in this field, producing a wide array of industrial packaging, retail packaging, and product displays. The roots of Mehiel’s involvement in packaging trace back to his father’s ownership of Fore M., a packaging company, from which Mehiel derived much of his industry knowledge and business acumen.

Creation and Sale of BOX USA

In 1966, Mehiel embarked on a new venture by founding Box USA, which soon rose to prominence in the corrugated packaging industry. After decades of success, Box USA was sold to the industry giant International Paper in 2004 for an impressive $204 million, including $198 million in cash, cementing Mehiel’s reputation as a savvy business leader.

Sweetheart Cup: A Venture in Foodservice Products

Diversifying his business portfolio, Mehiel held approximately 38% ownership in Sweetheart Cup, a leading manufacturer and supplier of single-use foodservice and beverage-related products. The company’s offerings spanned paper, plastic, and foam products. In 2004, Sweetheart Cup was sold to the Solo Cup Company for a staggering $698 million, demonstrating Mehiel’s ability to build and sell successful businesses.

Unveiling Dennis Mehiel’s Net Worth

Over the years, through his various successful ventures and business acumen, Mehiel has amassed a valeur nette estimated to be over USD 500 million, marking his position among the elite business tycoons.

Un engagement envers la philanthropie

Beyond his business ventures, Mehiel is an avid philanthrope, generously contributing to organizations such as the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations and The Hellenic Initiative. His dedication to social causes complements his business achievements, cementing his legacy as both a successful entrepreneur and a compassionate benefactor.

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Yacht Helios 2 Owner

Denis Mehiel

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Dennis Mehiel House

Dennis Mehiel yacht

Il était propriétaire du moteur yacht Helios 2, which he sold. Do you know more about a current yacht owned by Mehiel? Please do send us a message.

LeHélios 2 yacht was built by esteemed yacht manufacturer, Palmer Johnson Yachts in 2002.

Originally commissioned by Stanley Hubbart of Hubbart Broadcasting, it was later sold to Mehiel.

Equipped with twin Caterpillar engines, it can reach top speeds of 14 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots.

The luxurious interior can comfortably accommodate up to 10 invitéset unéquipagesur 17.