RUSTEM TEREGULOV • Net Worth $800 Million • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Development Capital

Nombre:Rustem Teregulov
Patrimonio neto:800 millones de dólares
Fuente de riqueza:Development Capital
Nacida:January 25, 1968
La edad:
Hijos:Tanya Teregulov
Jet privado:(M-URUS) Boeing 737
Yate:Gran Rusalina

Who is Rustem Teregulov?

The Moscow-based banker and real estate investor Rustem Teregulov is the owner of the yacht Grand Rusalina. He was born on January 25, 1968. He is married and has 1 daughter, named Tatyana Teregulova.

Rustem Teregulov started in the currency exchange together with Andrey Melnichenko (owner of Sailing Yacht A and Motor Yacht A). In 1994 Tereguv founded the VIS Bank, now named Development Capital.

Development Capital

Development Capital is based in Moscow and provides banking and financial services in Russia. Together with his daughter Tatyana Teregulova, he holds 60% of the shares of the bank.

Real Estate Developments

Teregulov is an active real estate developer. He owns more than 30,000 hectares of land in the Moscow region.

He developed several business centers. Some of the lands is used for agriculture.

Moscow Raceway

Teregulov is a race driver and founder and owner of the Moscow Raceway. The Moscow Raceway is designed to be categorized FIA 1T and FIM A., Which would allow motorsport competition at any level. From national championships in auto and motorcycle racing to Formula 1 and MotoGP.

The total track length is 4,070 meters (2.53 miles). The total building cost was about $30  million. The Moscow Raceway is certified for Formula 1 races.

Rustem Teregulov Net Worth

Forbes Russia estimates his net worth of between US$ 600 and US$ 800 million.


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Yacht Grand Rusalina Owner

Rustem Teregulov

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Rustem Teregulov House

Rustem Teregulov Yacht

He is the owner of the yacht Grand Rusalina.

He also owns a smaller Moonen yacht named Rusalina. The 25-meter yacht is permanently based in Moscow.

The Moonen 83 was launched in 1992 as Xanadu. She was refitted at Moonen Shipyard in 2012.