SPIRO LATSIS - Valor neto 2.700 millones de dólares - Casa - Yate - Jet privado - EFG Bank

Nombre:Spiro Latsis
Patrimonio neto:2.700 millones de dólares
Fuente de riqueza:EFG Internacional / Latsis Grupo
Nacida:15 de agosto de 1946
La edad:
País:Grecia, Reino Unido
Esposa:Dorothy Latsis
Hijos:John Spiro Latsis, Erietta Maria Blank Latsis
Residencia:Ginebra, Suiza / London, Reino Unido
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Yate:Alexander (La vendió)

The Life and Success Story of Greek Businessman Dr. Spiros J. Latsis

Born into a dynasty known for its robust footing in the shipping industry, Dr. Spiros J. Latsis continues to carry forward his family’s legacy in business and philanthropy. Born in August 1946 in Athens, Greece, Spiros is the son of the eminent Greek shipping magnate, John Latsis, who passed away in 2003. Today, he is known not just as a successful businessman but also as a loving family man, husband to Dorothy, and father to two children: John and Emma.

Principales conclusiones

  • Dr. Spiros Latsis, born in August 1946, is a prominent Greek businessman and son of shipping magnate, John Latsis.
  • The Latsis family fortune includes more than 40% in EFG Eurobank Ergasias, the second-largest bank in Greece, and over 30% in Hellenic Petroleum, a major petroleum player in Southern Europe.
  • The Latsis Group, controls Lamda Development, a real estate group in Athens responsible for projects such as The Mall Athens and Golden Hall Mall.
  • Latsis has an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion, which underlines his business success and strategic investment acumen.

The Significant Investment Portfolio of Dr. Spiros J. Latsis

The business acumen of Dr. Spiros J. Latsis extends to an impressive investment portfolio that speaks volumes of his strategic financial decisions. Holding the reins of the Latsis family fortune, Spiros owns more than 40% of EFG Eurobank Ergasias, the second largest bank in Greece. This considerable stake in one of Greece’s leading banks amplifies his influence in the country’s financial sector.

Moreover, his involvement in the energy sector is pronounced through his ownership of more than 30% in Hellenic Petroleum via Paneuropean Oil and Industrial Holdings S.A. This positions him as a pivotal player in Southern Europe’s petroleum industry.

Exploring the Latsis Group and Lamda Development

In addition to his significant investments, Dr. Spiros Latsis presides over the Latsis Group, an influential conglomerate with diverse interests. The group controls Lamda Development, an Athens-based real estate group.

Lamda Development is renowned for its landmark projects that have transformed the Athenian cityscape. These include The Mall Athens, which opened its doors in 2005, and Golden Hall Mall. Through these projects, Latsis and his group contribute significantly to Athens’ urban development and economic vibrancy.

The Astounding Net Worth of Spiros Latsis

Dr. Spiros Latsis’ successful ventures and significant investments have amassed a sizable fortune. His net worth is estimated to be a staggering $2.7 billion, testament to his business acumen, strategic investments, and continuous drive to grow the Latsis family fortune.



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