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Yacht Savannah

Lukas Lundin - Fact Sheet

Yacht Name: Savannah

Yacht Length: 84 m (274 ft)

Guests: 12 in 6 cabins

Crew: 22 in 10 cabins

Yacht Value: US$ 100 million

Owners Name: Lukas Lundin

Owners Net Worth: US$ 1 billion

Owners Company: Lundin Mining

Owners Country: Sweden

Lukas Lundin previously owned a yacht named Odessa. His father co-discovered a large gas field near Qatar

The yacht Savannah is built by Feadship and was delivered to her owner in 2015.

83.5 meters (274 ft)

Savannah is an 83.5 meter (274ft) yacht, built out of steel with an aluminum superstructure. She was known as project #686, before being christened Savannah.

Hybrid Propulsion

The yacht is referred to as a ‘hybrid yacht’, powered by a combination of a single Wärtsila diesel engine, three diesel-electric generators and a battery pack. Propulsion comes from an advanced Azimuth propeller system. Some of the photos on this page by DutchMegaYachts.

A Crew of 22

The yacht Savannah can accommodate 12 guests and a crew of 22. Her value is at least US$ 100 million.

For Charter

The yacht Savannah is not available for charter, but enquire for your ultimate charter experience on other yachts.

Lukas Lundin

Lukas Lundin is the owner of the yacht Savannah.

Lundin Group of Companies

Lukas Lundin is the head of the Lundin Group of Companies, a group of twelve publicly traded companies, including Lundin Mining Corporation, Lundin Petroleum and Vostok Nafta. The Lundin Group is active in the exploration, development and production of copper, cobalt, zinc, nickel, lead, gold, uranium, iodine, nitrate fertilizers, oil and gas and diamonds.

More than US$ 2 Billion in Sales

In 2011 the group realized sales of USD 2 billion. Several of the group companies are stock listed, with the Lundin family holding a large portion of the shares. The group companies are: Africa Oil Corp., Atacama Minerals Corp., BlackPearl Resources Inc., Denison Mines Corp., Etrion Corporation, Fortress Minerals Corp., Lucara Diamond Corp., Lundin Mining Corporation, Lundin Petroleum AB, NGEx Resources Inc., ShaMaran Petroleum Corp., Aktiebolag H Bukowskis Konst handel and Mile High Holdings Ltd.  

Adolf Lundin

Lukas’ father Adolf Lundin founded Gulfstream Resources which, in 1976, co-discovered the North Gas Field, offshore Qatar. This field remains today as the single largest known gas accumulation in the world.

Philanthropy and Net Worth

The Lundin Group is active in philanthropy through the Lundin Foundation. The net worth of Lukas Lundin is estimated at more than US$ 1 billion. Lundin also owns a 48 meter Christensen yacht named Odessa. Odessa was put for sale as Lundin ordered his new yacht at Feadship.

Follow the position of the yacht Savannah live

yacht Savannah

Luxury yacht Savannah for mining entrepreneur Lukas Lundin

Superyacht Savannah

Superyacht Savannah and Neville Chrichton’s yacht Como

Lukas Lundin's yacht

The yacht is built for mining tycoon Lukas Lundin.

SAvannah is known as a stealth yachtFeadship yacht Savannah

Due to her hybrid power package, she is referred to as

a stealth yacht

Lukas Lundin yacht